About Us

Camper Land is a initiative of Rudi van Overloop created from the passion for the freedom and experience with the camper.

Rudi has been editor-in-chief of “The TUINKRANT (garden) newspaper”, a popular internet magazine linked to the website tuinkrant.com with numerous websites about pruning, garden calendar, garden doctor, plant guide, kiwi and tomato varieties, etc.

The Camper Land website strives to create a pleasant environment for all itinerant camper enthusiasts.

What could be better than taking the RV around in full freedom on a voyage of discovery? Camper land wants to stimulate the motorhome use and promote positively.

We are a website for you. A site where you can share your fun experiences and experience with us. This way we can all enjoy the freedom of travelling, relaxing and discovering even more.

We welcome you with pleasure,

Camper Land was born in 2015. Behind the scenes, the website has been working longer than is visible today.  The Motorhome Land website was originally developed on CMS  Drupal 7. Since 2017, a pre-migration and adaptation to the latest modern website on Drupal 8 followed. As Drupal was unable to meet all expectations, it was switched to WordPress in the spring of 2018.
Camper land is ready for both the classic and the mobile surfer.


  • Camper Land has the highest good publishing independent (news) information and trends.
  • Camper Land aims to promote motorhome use and camping in general.
  • Camper Land aims to offer dealers, campsites, parks, brands etc without any reservations or dependence.
  • The purpose of motorhome land is to inform and protect registered members for common mistakes.
  • Camper Land aims to promote non-commercial organisations and associations.

Our main site language is dutch but we like to present our information in different language as English. Be free to help us out and increase the level of our information.


Rudi Van Overloop